What Do Laureen’s Clients Say?

Blanche Johnston, painter

“Sign up quickly to enjoy some of Laureen’s time!!”

I was met exactly where I was at and Laureen helped guide me without judgement.  She helped me figure out how to bring out and identify what is me. Her many skills ranged from how to critique my own art to how to effectively use Instagram and Facebook! I really felt this experience helped me take my new skills as an artist and share that with others.

Diana Hume and Sheila Farstad, artists

A better sense of being OK”

Both Sheila and I feel renewed creative sparks and a better sense of being OK with the way we work since meeting with you. And you are like the orchestra conductor. We can play the music, but you can see the overall score. We genuinely appreciate your gentle guidance just as you’ve been giving it.

Donna Stockdale, fibre artist

“Highly recommended! Time well spent.”

Laureen was able to focus on my initial thoughts, honouring them as my current perspectives and challenging me to think in which areas they were limiting my possibilities for growth and participating more fully in the art world. During our conversations, I had several unexpected aha moments that were quite freeing. Laureen provides genuine encouragement. She has a vast wealth of knowledge as an artist in the practical areas of marketing, social media, art-making, art history, etc. She also knows what gets in the way of artists moving ahead and can help you shed your own ideas that don’t really serve you well.

Linda Hoult, painter
“I know I wouldn’t have had the same confidence to approach showing my work if I didn’t have her behind me.”
Laureen’s knowledge from a lifetime of experience gave me direction and helped me to move forward.  I found our calls very helpful because she always had the answers I needed, and it really helped for me to think ahead and send out my questions. I would recommend to other artists that her mentoring is needed to find their direction. Laureen is dedicated, a good listener, honest and experienced. I have never worked with a mentor before, but I loved the accountability I felt.

Shelley Hudson, painter

“Laureen has a very gentle and comfortable way of communicating which makes you feel relaxed and able to talk freely.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the art mentor sessions with Laureen. It has helped me a great deal in knowing how the art world works and how to approach many issues with it. Laureen has a very gentle and comfortable way of communicating which makes you feel relaxed and able to talk freely. I would highly recommend her sessions!

Roberta Murray, photographer, painter, illustrator

“Gentle prompts and thought provoking questions make you really think about your direction and what you are doing.”

When I came to Laureen for help, I had lost my direction and confidence. I tend to be quite hard on myself and my work, and had a couple of brutal critiques which left me thinking I should give up painting altogether. With Laureen’s help I was able to sort things out and get myself back on track. She helped me see the strengths and value in my work, and rephrase the internal dialogue to look at what works and is worthy before being too critical. She guided me back on the path I had originally wanted to take so I feel like I’m not spinning my wheels and throwing a million ideas to the wind hoping for one to stick.  Now it’s just up to me to do the work and continue on.

Leslie Blacklock, painter

“I accomplished several goals that I wouldn’t have otherwise achieved without Laureen challenging me and encouraging me.”

As a “new artist” I had a lot of questions….. even as simple as “I love to paint, but I don’t do it everyday….. is that okay? how can I get to that point?” Laureen has a way of making you feel capable and yet at the same time, allows you enough room to just “be” where you are, as an artist.  I found my time with Laureen, over several months, extremely helpful and just that extra “push” that I wasn’t getting from my local art studio group or from my own head!  All done in a very professional manner, yet at the same time…. I knew she had been where I was at some point in her career! I would highly recommend Laureen to anyone needing a little (or big) boost in their creative walk.

Shelley Hudson, painter

“I would highly recommend her sessions.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the art mentor sessions with Laureen. It has helped me a great deal in knowing how the art world works and how to approach many issues with it. Laureen has a very gentle and comfortable way of communicating which makes you feel relaxed and able to talk freely.

Jean Ottosen, fibre artist

“Her in-depth expertise provided the knowledge I needed, when I needed it.”

I had the privilege of working with Laureen as my art business mentor for four months. In that time I moved from being very confused about my direction, to being more confident about my work and how to market it.  Laureen uses a practical approach to break big goals down into small steps. She grasped the scope and depth of what I needed. She helped solidify my internet presence, gave me a lot of ideas on networking, enlightened me about galleries (having been a gallery owner her insight was invaluable), and encouraged me in the creation and marketing of my artwork. I was able to line up several exhibits for the year using her suggestions. She also helped me develop my portfolio. She opened my eyes to education opportunities around me – both online and off – to help me grow as an artist and to network with other artists. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an art business mentor.

Kent Tate, filmmaker

“I would highly recommend any artist to consult with Laureen, whose depth of knowledge and experience holds great benefits for the entire arts community.”

I had some questions about a specific situation with my art practice and Laureen in her clear thoughtful way put my concerns into perspective. It is wonderful to be able to consult with an artist of Laureen’s reputation and caliber providing such an invaluable service. I began our consultation somewhat overwhelmed by my issue, feeling much clearer, and much more confident when our consultation finished. Not only did she paint a bigger picture for me to consider, her witty easy-going manner made the whole experience enjoyable, as well as very informative.

Bonnie A. Conly, multimedia artist

“Laureen brings extensive experience, a tremendous amount of knowledge and a truly insightful perspective to the coaching relationship.”

Artist Coach Laureen Marchand provided me with the information and guidance I needed to begin a professional art practice.  She empowers you to grow as a professional artist. She skillfully diminishes the daunting task of preparing artist statements, biographies, CV’s and gallery submissions.  After four hours of intensive and productive examination of my portfolio, I felt equipped with the necessary skills to present my art confidently.

Jane A. Evans, painter and fibre artist

“With Laureen as an adviser I now gratefully understand how mentoring can help an artist advance their career.”

I was rather cautious about working with a mentor because it is hard not only to find a guide one trusts but also to expose one’s ego. Laureen’s mentoring skills have dispelled my hesitations. She offers the honest, focused discussions an artist needs to have with an objective, articulate, and positive guide. Her professional attitude is insightful and empathetic because she has experience with almost any art-related topic.