What Do Laureen’s Clients Say?

From Clients:

I had the privilege of working with Laureen as my art business mentor for four months. In that time I moved from being very confused about my direction, to being more confident about my work and how to market it.  Laureen uses a practical approach to break big goals down into small steps. She grasped the scope and depth of what I needed. Her in-depth expertise provided the knowledge I needed, when I needed it. She helped solidify my Internet presence, gave me a lot of ideas on networking, enlightened me about galleries (having been a gallery owner her insight was invaluable), and encouraged me in the creation and marketing of my artwork. I was able to line up several exhibits for the year using her suggestions. She also helped me develop my portfolio. She opened my eyes to education opportunities around me – both online and off – to help me grow as an artist and to network with other artists. These are just a few areas we covered.  Laureen is also quick to admit when she is outside her comfort zone or area of expertise. I found this particularly helpful because she didn’t waste my time or hers on areas better left to others. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an art business mentor. – Jean Ottosen

I was rather cautious about working with a mentor because it is hard not only to find a guide one trusts but also to expose one’s ego. Laureen’s mentoring skills have dispelled my hesitations. She offers the honest, focused discussions an artist needs to have with an objective, articulate, and positive guide. Her professional attitude is insightful and empathetic because she has experience with almost any art-related topic. With Laureen as an adviser I now gratefully understand how mentoring can help an artist advance their career. Certainly she nudged me along appropriately and probably will again. – Jane A Evans

Laureen, artist and mentor, has a very heartful approach! She immediately determined the weaknesses in my exhibition proposal and cover letter, and helped me rewrite them. She noticed that my jpgs did not represent my art well and advised that they be redone. There’s not much that gets past those eyes…or that brain! Her clear and thoughtful guidance has led to a new, small gallery’s acceptance of my work. Most important for an artist–she has inspired me to have faith in my work and to be tenacious in exhibition applications. She is a godsend to the artistic community. – Lorraine Weidner, painter

I had some questions about a specific situation with my art practice and Laureen in her clear thoughtful way put my concerns into perspective. It is wonderful to be able to consult with an artist of Laureen’s reputation and caliber providing such an invaluable service. I began our consultation somewhat overwhelmed by my issue, feeling much clearer, and much more confident when our consultation finished. Not only did she paint a bigger picture for me to consider, her witty easy going manner made the whole experience enjoyable, as well as very informative. I would highly recommend any artist to consult with Laureen, whose depth of  knowledge and experience holds great benefits for the entire arts community. – Kent Tate

Artist Coach Laureen Marchand provided me with the information and guidance I needed to begin a professional art practice. Laureen brings extensive experience, a tremendous amount of knowledge and a truly insightful perspective to the coaching relationship. She empowers you to grow as a professional artist. She skillfully diminishes the daunting task of preparing artist statements, biographies, CV’s and gallery submissions.  After four hours of intensive and productive examination of my portfolio, I felt equipped with the necessary skills to present my art confidently. I now have a better understanding of myself as an art maker. – Bonnie A. Conly

With Laureen’s help I’m exhibiting more, selling my photographs, and hearing from people that my work is special. Laureen has encouraged me, given me direction, guided, supported and advised me, believed in me. Most of all Laureen is an AWESOME person!!! – Judy Gunter, photographer

Thanks for the opportunity to be included in Kent’s consultation.  I always admire and respect your natural ability to articulate a realistic, common sense approach to seemingly complicated scenarios. Your deep understanding of the process, and wealth of knowledge, always leaves us both with a keener understanding of how to proceed. – Cheryl Tate, Business Manager