How to Get Into a Gallery

You’re an artist. You’re the best person to know what should be done with your artwork. You can decide to make it, exhibit it, promote it, reproduce it, sell it if you want to. You’re capable of all this, and all of it is possible.

And as an artist, your artwork has its own audience. This means the artwork you make has a public that will love it, love to see it, and, sometimes, want to live with it. Your job is to give the art you make its best possible chance of a life outside your studio.

Sometimes, this means showing in galleries. It isn’t the only way to get your art into the world. But if it’s one of the ways you choose, showing in galleries might increase your audience. And if you want to sell your art, you might increase your market. Wouldn’t it be nice if increasing your audience and market could be satisfactory and rewarding instead of stressful and scary?

The good news is that it can!

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HOW TO GET INTO A GALLERY and How to Succeed When You Get There is for you when you want to show your artwork to more people.

How did I come to write it? I’m an artist too. I’ve been making and exhibiting my work for over 30 years. I know how difficult it can feel sometimes to find your audience. I’ve also been a gallery owner, a curator in various settings, a coordinator of art exhibition programming, and a contributor to decisions about purchases for permanent collections, some of which will likely go on exhibition in the future. In all those roles, I’ve worked with people who have many different reasons for seeing art.

So I know that whatever needs art viewers have, there is artwork to match that need. And whatever needs artists have, there are galleries who match those needs as well.

For the first time in my career, I’ve brought those 30 years of making, exhibiting, and facilitating other artists’ exhibitions together into a guide and workbook that can help you show your art.

HOW TO GET INTO A GALLERY and How to Succeed When You Get There is a self-study kit.

It contains a 25-page guide to everything you need to know to exhibit your artwork publicly and have great experiences doing so.

It also contains a 19-page workbook, available in both printable and fillable PDF format.

In both the guide and workbook, we launch right in with the information and questions you need so your art can reach more people.

HOW TO GET INTO A GALLERY and How to Succeed When You Get There is only CAN $18.00.

What’s in HOW TO GET INTO A GALLERY and How to Succeed When You Get There? Here’s the Table of Contents for the guide.

The workbook is separate. It asks all the questions the guide asks and more. The printable format gives you room to journal in your answers. If you choose the fillable format, you can type them in. You can have both formats.

Access to HOW TO GET INTO A GALLERY and How to Succeed When You Get There is only CAD $18.00. Click on the pink banner for instant access to the printable guide and the workbook in both printable and fillable formats.

But wait! There’s more!

There’s another version of Get Into a Gallery, with personalized mentoring added. Personalized mentoring that will answer all your questions and help you get yourself further along the path you want.

If you’d like support as you work through this part of your artistic career, that’s easy. I’m here.

For an investment of CAN$247, you get access to me as well as the guide and workbook. It’s like an audit, two strategy sessions, a personal workshop and a way to take action, all at the same time. You get:
– 2 x 1 hour of calls: Over a period of two months, we’ll book two phone calls of one hour each, so you can plan and learn with support. Any aspect of exhibiting in galleries that the guide covers is up for discussion.
– Review and suggestions by email: As part of this program, you can draft your artist statement and exhibition proposal letter and I’ll review them. You get an initial editorial review, and one further edit, for each document. Note that this review is adaptable to your needs. Even if you don’t have immediate exhibition plans, I’ll work with you on a sample proposal that you can use at any time in the future.

Extra Support Upgrade…

If you buy the guide and workbook, and at any time in the next six months decide you want to upgrade to the mentored version, just send me an email. Your initial purchase of the guide and workbook will be credited to the cost of your purchase of exhibition mentoring.

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