Gathered Roses

McIntyre Gallery, Regina, 2005

During the production of the work that became part of the exhibition Bequest, with Honor Kever, which toured western Canada for over a year and a half in 2002 and 2003, the figures left my work. Searching to discover what might replace or stand in for that human presence, I discovered the rose.

Artist Statement

The rose is among the oldest of flowers and among the most widely adored.  Its delicate, sweetly-scented loveliness has been a symbol of nearly every kind of perfection, in mythology, religion, art, commerce, politics, war, and romance.   And always, whenever the rose is used, we think of the love that loveliness engenders.

But like all that is alive, roses fade.  And if beauty brings love, the fading of beauty must also bring the end of love   Or must it?