The Business of Art for Artists


Visual Arts Handbook 2013, 10th edition

Researched, written and edited by Laureen Marchand

The Saskatchewan Visual Arts Handbook 2013, 10th edition, was researched, written and edited by Laureen Marchand and published in Canada by Canadian Artists Representation Saskatchewan (CARFAC SASK) to provide artists with the support you need to advance your career. At 174 pages, it’s jam-packed with information, easy to read and use, and relevant for your art career needs today. And it’s free for the asking from CARFAC SASK. They’ll mail it to you at no charge. Just send an email to (copy the address into your email to reduce spam) with your request, name and mailing address, or phone 1 (306) 522-9788. No strings!

Download a free 10-page PDF sample by clicking on the image below.


The first 65 pages of the Visual Arts Handbook 2013 provide help with managing your own art and exhibition career, including career development, artists’ rights, aspects of law as it affects artists, exhibiting, selling, building career relationships, studio best practices, and more. It’s useful for artists everywhere. The rest of the book, aimed at artists in Saskatchewan, lists contacts and information on funding and artists’ support organizations, galleries and permanent collections, education and artists’ residencies, and resources of all kinds.

The Visual Arts Handbook 2013 was designed by Jim Graham, illustrations by Allan Dotson.

Visual Arts Handbook Contents:

1. The Business Side of Art — Career Basics, Developing Your Business and Career, The Rights of the Artist, Copyright in Canada, Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Appropriation, Exhibition Fees, Artist Benefits, Health Hazards…and more.

2. The Business Side of Art — Your Exhibiting Career, Exhibition Spaces, Exhibition Proposals, Artists’ Statements, Artists’ Resumes/Curriculum Vitaes/CVs, Artist/Gallery Relationships, Internet Marketing and Social Networking, Selling Artwork, Shipping, Conservation.

3. The Business Side of Art — The Office, Contracts, Bookkeeping, Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST), Provincial Sales Tax (PST), Insurance.

4. Funding Organizations for Artists, in Saskatchewan, in Canada, Private Foundations in Canada and the United States.

5. Visual Arts and Related Organizations, CARFAC Organizations, Saskatchewan Organizations , Canadian Organizations, International Organizations.

6. Public Art Galleries in Saskatchewan.

7. Commercial Art Galleries and Related Outlets in Saskatchewan.

8. Permanent Collections, in Saskatchewan, in Canada. Education in Visual Arts in Saskatchewan.

9. Artists’ Residencies and Retreats.

10. Artists’ Supplies.

11. Resources.