Professional Practice

  • Writing about your art
  • Talking to galleries and museums
  • An artist statement with clarity and meaning
  • Your bio and resume or CV
  • Exhibition proposals
  • The way your website represents you online
  • Art in the marketplace
  • Working with curators
  • Documenting your work
  • Managing your studio
  • Pricing your artwork
  • Insurance, shipping, taxes…

That’s what professional practice is. Professional practice is the business dimension of your artist’s career and life. Whether you’ve been to art school or are self-taught, you’ve learned how to make the art that has meaning for you. Professional practice is about how you take your art to the world. It’s about the way you promote yourself.  It’s about taking advantage of opportunities to grow your art career in a way that suits your own vision for your art.

It’s about the business of art.

And the business of your art is about to change.

If you would like short-term help with any of these issues in the business of your art, please get in touch. Sessions are booked individually for 75 minutes. My fee for a session is $125. However, if you book more than one session at the same time, you receive an immediate saving.

One session: $125
Two sessions: $200
Three sessions: $250

You benefit from your own commitment.

Ready to get started?

Click here and fill in the contact form. Tell me what you need. I’ll respond with some suggested appointment times and I’ll invoice you after we make the appointment. You can pay by PayPal, credit card or cheque.

Feels right? Questions? Just go to the contact form. Let’s get started!


Studio-Laureen-taraWhy work with me?

  • I’ve been an exhibiting artist for 30 years.
  • I’m currently represented by four galleries.
  • I’ve owned a successful commercial art gallery, working with many artists to help advance their success at the same time.
  • I’ve written about the business of art for 20 years.
  • I’ve taught workshops on all aspects of the business of art for as long.
  • I’ve been writer, researcher and editor of the Saskatchewan Visual Arts Handbook, published by CARFAC Saskatchewan, since its 2nd edition and now in its 10th edition.
  • I’m the author of the Visual Arts Enhancement of The Art of Managing Your Career, published by the Cultural Human Resources Council of Canada and available here.
  • As I’ve built my own art career, I’ve guided other artists, curated exhibitions, adjudicated competitions and mentored.
  • I know how important this is for you to do.