Painting in Paradise


No matter how satisfied you are with your regular painting life, the day comes when you need to see your work from a different perspective, to give it your undivided attention. For me, those kinds of changes come from travel to both structured artist retreats and self-directed residencies. The time to think, plan, refocus and work without the interruptions of ordinary life is the best gift I can give myself. Every time I’ve done so, I’ve come away renewed and lifted, with ideas I never expected to find.

I still have this desire – I plan always to have this desire! But now I also have the desire to share the experience with other artists. This is why I’ve developed Painting in Paradise, a series of artist retreats and workshops that provide the opportunity to develop new connections, to teach what I’ve spent over 35 years learning, and to help others see and deepen their skills in some of the world’s best places.

To help you enjoy your experience of travelling and painting, I’m delighted to offer Travelling for Art Retreats: Why and How, a guide to exactly that. Please click here and it’s yours.

About Laureen Marchand: “I have taught studio classes at the university level, led a variety of artist retreat workshops both in Canada and Ireland, offered art class teaching on contract in many settings, taught in my home studio, acted as a mentor to other artists in the development of their careers, and led artist career workshops, for over 30 years. More than anything, I believe that each of us sees from our own personality and our own experience. My role as a teacher is to help develop that unique vision.