Whether it’s about well-being or tradition, many artists are uncertain about using oil paints. Yet oils are generous, forgiving, and welcoming, and can be handled without solvents or smell. In this workshop, participants will use artists’ oil colours in ways that are non-toxic and safe while deepening their artistic practice. The workshop explores materials, application methods, and ways of approaching the paint, in sessions that allow for each person’s individuality.

The first day’s focus will be on still life and the workshop will develop from there according to participants’ interests, and all subjects are welcome. Emphasis will be on colour, light and creating a convincing painted environment, rather than an exact reproduction. If you have specific themes they want to explore, such as objects, photographs, or ideas, please bring them to class.

Sea on Sand, oil on panel, 6″ x 6″

As this a five-day workshop, students will have the opportunity to develop their composition and planning skills, find ways of mark-making that are personal and relevant, try a range of tools, and make and build on mistakes and accidents. With uninterrupted time away from the demands of ordinary life, participants will focus on their artwork and their personal responses to ideas, and will return to their regular studio practice with fresh viewpoints and ways of perceiving.

For over 35 years, artists from near and far have come together each summer at Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts, Pearson College campus, to share in spirited creative exchange. The school is positioned on the sheltered shores of Pedder Bay and looks out to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains beyond. The campus setting provides a stimulating natural environment for artistic development and exploration. It’s easy to understand why so many return year after year to be part of the ‘MISSA Magic’!

Olympic Mountains – photo by Dave on Unsplash

For registration information, go to MISSA Magic Workshops.

About Laureen Marchand: “I have taught studio classes at the university level, led a variety of artist retreat workshops both in Canada and Ireland, offered art class teaching on contract in many settings, taught in my home studio, acted as a mentor to other artists in the development of their careers, and led artist career workshops, for over 30 years. More than anything, I believe that each of us sees from our own personality and our own experience. My role as a teacher is to help develop that unique vision.”

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