A Sweet Voice Whispering?


Author Katherine Lawrence reads from “Never Mind

the tiny copper
held to a bellflower’s ear.
(Pocketbook Memorandum, sketch viii, from Never Mind by Katherine Lawrence, published by Turnstone Press 2016.)

What whispers to you through that tiny trumpet? Maybe in a voice so sweetly poetic you can barely hear it over the everyday noise? Is it calling you to connection? To richer friendships? To recognizing abundance in those you already have? To connection with your own abundance, to the poetry in you? Is it your next adventure, calling softly?

That voice is yours to hear. Listen – what is it saying to you?

Poetry called to me last week, in the form of Never Mind, a new collection of poems being launched by a dear friend from my old life in the City. Val Marie artist Catherine Macaulay and I set out for the Saskatoon reading. Nine hours in the car by the time we’re home again, but neither of us wanted not to be there. It was the usual overly ambitious plan. Val Marie to Saskatoon, overnight, fit in as much as possible, drive home the next day. I had planned on hearing how poetry has whispered to someone else. I didn’t plan on having it whisper to me.

Turns out poetry’s in everything, once you listen. It’s in a beautiful book, once that draws you into another life and makes you understand more about your own. It’s in a capacity crowd for a public celebration. It’s in someone’s generosity in opening her home to everyone who wanted to be there, to continue the celebration more personally. It’s in a gathering of five friends over breakfast the next day, in a bakery with coffee shop. Even the espresso coffee grinder shouting in its own loud tone couldn’t mask the poetry here. It’s in copses and flocks and rivers and valleys all the way home. I’m so glad I let it speak.

How might poetry be whispering to you?

Never Mind by Katherine Lawrence is published by Turnstone Press.

*   *   *

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