Feel More Satisfied at the End of Your Day


Do you wonder how to manage your energy, manage expectations, manage distraction in your day? So did I. So I was very pleased to have the opportunity to write this guest post for The Abundant Artist blog, hosted by Cory Huff. Trying to tell someone else how to do something is such a good way to find it out for yourself!

The post is here.

Cory Huff is an actor and storyteller who fell into a career in Internet marketing. In 2004 he discovered search engine marketing and social media. Since then he’s worked on marketing and software programs for some of the world’s biggest companies. In 2009 he started TheAbundantArtist.com (TAA for short) as a way of teaching Internet marketing to his artist friends who were asking him for help. Since then, he’s helped dozens of artists go from having never sold anything to now selling pieces monthly or weekly.


For more on Cory Huff and what he offers, click here.

The post highlights some of the best resources from productivity experts and I’d love to know what you think. Ideas and comments on the post are welcome either on Cory’s blog or below.

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