Finding Shelter From the Wind

Blog-windFrenchman River valley in wind

It feels like we’ve had this same wild wind for half my life. At the end of February, the ice on the Frenchman River broke up. In early March, some unusual early warm temperatures looked like spring. But this is Saskatchewan and spring means uncertainty, a roller coaster of weather, and this year, too many gusts. For a month there have been daily winds at around 50 km/30mph or worse, with bad days at 70 km/45 mph. Walking into a wind like that is like walking into a moving car. And it’s cold, blowing from what feels like the arctic. By the end of the day I’m weary from fighting it, even if I’ve barely left the house.

But the problem with weariness is you can begin to expect it. I hear that sound in the trees and the roof and I’m already sure I can’t cope. I can’t fight it, I can’t move forward in it, and I don’t want to try.

How can anything happen if I won’t even try?

Today turned out different. The wind still blew, but gusts to 40 km, not 70. The morning began well below freezing, but the sun shone and eventually some warmth seeped into the kitchen. A friend asked me to go for a walk.

A walk? In this? Are you kidding? Well, maybe. Maybe this is what could happen.

Probably the long sweater and the down vest and the wool duffel coat and the scarf, mitts and winter hat weren’t all necessary. But they, along with the promise of companionship, got me out there. Shelter from the wind shows up in many different ways. And as usual, it was better to try.

Maybe next time I can find shelter in just trying, and try again.

*   *   *

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2 Responses to Finding Shelter From the Wind

  1. Hermina Joldersma April 12, 2016 at 9:36 pm #

    I love wind, Laureen – one of the things I miss about the weather up here in Yellowknife. There’s something so – I dunno – untamed about wind, it carries so many possibilities in it. So lucky you! but I can imagine that it can get very cold, too. Down with windproof cover… Thanks for your posts, I always enjoy them.

    • Laureen April 13, 2016 at 4:41 pm #

      No wind in Yellowknife? Can I move there? 🙂

      The last two days have been lovely and still-ish. (Funny when 20 km doesn’t seem like wind.) It feels like a blessing.

      And thank you for reading.