How to Make Great Art

Blog-new-painting-Apr2Painting in progress April 2, 2016

Each new artwork starts with possibility. Just outside the edge of seeing, you see. So you stretch further than you can reach. Something that doesn’t exist now might in the future, if you can create it. You begin.

Not too long after, it seems as though you’ve got it. “I know where I’m going,” you think. This is working out just the way you wanted. It won’t take long. This one will be perfect.

And then, it isn’t. You’ve no idea what happened. You’ve wrecked something that was beautiful and you don’t even know how. Probably you can’t finish this one. It’s so wrong, what would be the point?

So you’re back to possibility. To know if possibility can become real you must keep going. It’s only just out of reach.

And this is where great art happens. Oh, not with this one. This one is almost finished. Your part is just to take it there.

It’s the next one. Something that doesn’t exist now might in the future. You must stretch to find out.

*   *   *

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