Between Life and Art

Blog-New-painting_March-webA new painting begins on Thursday

On Thursday I reached into the future and took hold of a fistful of something. It felt like smoke that pleated where my hand closed around it. A painting began. The smoke drifted out from around the edges of my palm.

On Friday I went on March’s Adventure. Monthly adventures were my 2016 New Year’s Resolution and so far they’ve been everything I could have wanted. This one was a three-day weekend trip to Banff, Alberta, eight hours driving from my home in Val Marie, to reconnect with old friends and do some art business. It was a beautiful time, rich with affection and landscape and the possibility of everything. On Sunday I drove the same eight hours home.

Today, Monday, I’m back in my studio. The smoke has evaporated, or whatever smoke does. My hand still reaches but it can’t grasp. I don’t remember where I was last week, how to hold a brush, how to make a mark, how to know the place that brought me here.

Maybe tomorrow will feel clearer. Maybe art is like life, slipping away and changing and becoming again. Pushing back doubt, striving, beginning.

I look forward to the becoming.

Thanks to Pam for noticing the parallels and commenting on a previous post, suggesting the idea for this one.

*   *   *

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2 Responses to Between Life and Art

  1. pam March 8, 2016 at 11:21 am #

    It looks complete to me. Like smoke.

    • Laureen March 8, 2016 at 3:59 pm #

      A tiny piece of complete 😉 Thanks.