New Painting for Sale in Backporch Gallery


Non-eternal is one in a series of three paintings exploring spiritual and physical truths in the seasons of all life. In a more autumnal range of colours than the others in this series, this artwork wants us to see that even in our own September Song there is still beauty.

Though I’ve painted both figures and landscapes, for the past dozen years I’ve focused on roses. Roses are a symbol that everyone recognizes—of beauty, youth and perfection. Roses make us think of the love that loveliness brings. But like all that’s alive, roses fade. And if beauty causes love, the fading of beauty must signal the end of love. Or must it?

Though my paintings look realistic, they’re not just about surface appearances. I decided long ago that if I could paint someone or something so it looked the most like itself, it might help us see not just the painting’s subject, but ourselves in it. I want to say, “See how beautiful this is. How beautiful you are. Look at how much is there. Just look.”

Non-eternal is the first painting of 2016 to go into the Backporch Gallery shop. It is 20″ high and 16″ wide and is painted in oil on board and shipped ready to frame. I have to charge Canadian GST at 5% for sales to Canadian locations and Saskatchewan PST at 5% for sales to Saskatchewan locations, but insured shipping within Canada and the United States is included in the price. Other countries please inquire.

The Backporch Gallery is where I sell my own art. Other galleries also handle it, but here you can buy directly from the artist. For more information about how to buy, or to see the other paintings in the series, just click on the image or here. And if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you – use the contact form and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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