Stepping Onto a New Path?


Mostly-finished painting

I prefer not to be out of the studio for too many days in a row. The longer I’m away, the harder it is to remember where I was. For the same reason, I usually work in series, trying not to hold multiple visual thoughts at the same time.

But if neither condition holds, it’s really nice to have something concrete to return to. Something like a mostly-finished painting, last seen with enough way-posts and markers to bring me home.

There was  Curve, a series of paintings continuing a consideration of the essence of beauty, using objects that have in common their lightness of line and richness of colour as well as the symbolism and narrative that naturally inhabit them.

Then there was something new, a collaborative project with Linda Duvall.

It was well worthwhile leaving the path I was on. And now I’m back again. Where that mostly-finished painting is here to help me find my place. But since all new paths alter the one they branch from, maybe it isn’t the same old path after all.

The painting will be completed in a few days. Youll be the first to see it. The new path? It takes form ahead of me. I can hardly wait to see where it goes.

*   *   *

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