Time Management for Artists

Workshop-Time-Management-Poster-2016Time Management Workshop (click the poster to make it bigger)

I have some questions to ask you. Are you doing what matters? Are you as productive as you’d like to be? Are you getting the most out of your time?

Now, here are some different questions. What is it that matters to you? What does being productive mean? What is your definition of enough?

If you’re like most creative people, especially creative women, the sensation of “never enough” is probably familiar. You have more ideas than time, more responsibilities than time, more expectations than time to achieve them. If there are ways to change that, you’d like to know what they are.

Is the answer “Time Management”? Or is that idea  just another way of telling you to be more left-brain, do less wandering down the paths of imagination, get scheduled?

This year I was given the marvelous opportunity by the equally marvelous organization Canadian Artists Representation Saskatchewan (CARFAC SASK Visual Artists) to develop a topic I was interested in and then teach it. I’ve always heard you should teach what you want to learn. Time Management for Artists, here we come.

The workshop is a phone-in on Wednesday, February 24 at 7:00 pm CST. It’s free of charge. If you’re asking yourself any of my questions, maybe this workshop is for you. All you need to do is register in advance by calling 306-522-9788 or emailing programs@carfac.sk.ca. You need to register in advance to get the call-in code. There is no catch.

We won’t spend this hour with me telling you what you’re doing wrong and how to get more emails answered in a day. Instead, we’ll explore the ideas of control vs. creativity, what you really want to do, whether you have enough time, and how you know when you’ve done enough. Your registration includes a worksheet to take notes on and develop ideas as we talk, and a resources page for more ideas. They’re free of charge too.

But you have to register before mid-day Tuesday, February 23. Call 306-522-9788 or email programs@carfac.sk.ca. I’ll look forward to hearing your voice on Wednesday evening.

And to get you started, here’s one of the resources. It’s a video from Springboard for the Arts, Saint Paul, MN. Enjoy!

Time-management-videoTime Management for Artists

About me:
As a career artist I have huge amounts of experience with the will and faith needed to make and keep making art. I have both BFA and MFA degrees and have exhibited for three decades. I have had more than two dozen solo or two-person exhibitions as well as over 40 group shows. My paintings have been recognized by the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Canada Council, are held in many public and private collections, and have been represented in exhibition catalogues and reviewed in newspapers and magazines. In the visual arts I’ve worked as organizer, teacher, mentor, adjudicator, writer, and curator. I’m proud to hold the Canadian Artists Representation “Tony” Award for service to the visual arts in Saskatchewan and the Centennial Leadership Award for Service to the Province of Saskatchewan. In addition to freelance writing about the artist’s life for artists, I’ve been writer, researcher and editor of the Saskatchewan Visual Arts Handbook, published by CARFAC Saskatchewan, since its 2nd edition and now in its 10th edition. I love to learn. It’s a core value for me, so I regularly take classes and engage coaches of my own in order to continue with my own artistic and business growth. And I love to share what I’ve found out.

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