Spirit and Stopping

Blog-cat-restingOld cat resting

There are days when spirit aligns with circumstance and everything flows. And weeks when those days string together. You can’t imagine anything happening to spoil it.

Then, without warning, comes a different kind of day. It feels like all kind of spirit just left town. The sun won’t quite come out and the wind is blowing. Your sense of colour is as dull as the sky.

Of course, these days aren’t confined to only artists’ experience. Everyone has them. But the artist is luckier than many people. The artist is mainly self-governing. I took this day off.

A late breakfast. Some laundry. Some dedicated viewing of videos on YouTube. A not too demanding book. And a cat who sets a really good example for snooze.

Maybe days like this aren’t sent to try us. Maybe they’re a gift. You’ve been working hard, responding to every demand, and now you need to stop. Without spirit leaving town, you’d probably keep going. Until the return of colour might take a lot longer. Maybe we should accept the gift of temporary grey.

At the end of this day, the sun shows at the orange edge of the sky.

How can you honour the need to stop?

*   *   *

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