Taking a Break

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The other morning I went for coffee with a friend. Not much news, you might think. But I’m in the last stages of getting ready for an exhibition and shouldn’t I be painting all the hours of the day?

I have the Puritan work ethic. It’s a blessing and a curse. Maybe you know how this goes. I get a lot accomplished but often feel like there isn’t enough. Not enough hours, not enough production, never enough art.

And yet. My friend doesn’t live here and was around only for a few days. I’d already put her off twice. If you owe something to the gallery hosting your show, don’t you owe more than that to a friend of 20 years’ standing?

So I walked out to meet her for coffee. We had a lovely visit. After 20 years, usually you just do.

Then I came back to the studio and went back to work. And you know what? I probably got about as much done that afternoon, starting after 11:30, as if I had been at it all day. Pretty good painting, too. With relaxation, connection and a walk behind me, I was looser, more conscious. Maybe taking a break was even better than not.

A break. When did you last take one? The work will keep. You’ll do it better when you come back. Let’s all go now.

The exhibition I refer to is New Artists, New Work, at the Assiniboia Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan, opening April 24. I’ll be there for the reception. Please do say drop by and say hello!

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